By opting for Manson Insulation branded products, you are choosing glass mineral wool with high quality thermal and acoustic properties that have been recognized for decades.

Manson Insulation product’s contribution to LEED® Certification


Manson’s products can help your next project be certified under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)*. With the use of our insulation products, you can earn credits in the Energy & Atmosphere (EA) category, the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) category, and the Innovation & Design (ID) category.



Energy & Atmosphere (EA)

Credit 1 from the EA category can be achieved with the help of our insulation products. Prerequisite 2 requires passing the minimum standard of energy efficiency set by ASHRAE/IESNA, while between 1 and 10 points can be earned under Credit 1 by achieving increasing levels of energy performance beyond the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use. Manson Insulation products can help you meet and/or exceed these standards by promoting and certifying low thermal conductivity values, consequently helping you reduce energy demand and comply with energy codes.

Material and resourCes (MR)

Credits 4.1 and 4.2 are credits pertaining to the value of Recycled Content in the materials used. Manson Insulation manufactures ALL of its products with at least 50% post-consumer recycled content. Credits can also be obtained using products manufactured and/or extracted locally. Credit 5.1 and 5.2 of the MR category are obtained using a certain percentage of products manufactured and shipped within 500 miles of the project site. Contact your Manson rep to find out where your Manson product was manufactured.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Credit 3.2 tests the air quality prior to occupancy to prove that contaminant maximum concentrations are not exceeded. Our products have been tested for all the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) pollutants listed and they are below the maximum concentration levels, hence increasing the chances of qualifying for Credit 3.2 from the IEQ category. Most of our products are certified Greenguard Gold with levels significantly below the IEQ requirements. Please visit for our certification reports by product line.

Innovation & Design (ID)

Our materials can help earn an additional credit in the ID category because of their exceptionally low VOC emissions. Our Greenguard Gold certified materials can help innovative designs with environmental and health benefits above and beyond the minimum requirements specified under IAQ.

* Reference document: Leed® for New Construction and Major Renovation, version 2.2 (October 2005)